Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Discounted Subscription to Living Crafts Magazine Through Green Mountain Organics!

This is so awesome! For those of you who always wanted to get a subscription to the amazing "Living Crafts" magazine, but are on a tight budget (like moi!) - here is a wonderful deal being offered by the amazing Michelle of Green Mountain Organics.

From now until July 30th, you can get a one year subscription for just $15.00 (versus the normal price of $21.95 in the US). Click here for the one year subscription.

Or you can purchase a two year subscription for $22.00 (versus $35.95 USD). The link for purchase at this awesome price can be found here.

***You can also renew your current subscription at those prices!!!***

Now for those who might be interested, Michelle also runs an amazing yahoo group out of Vermont called, GreenTaraMama. She is a wealth of knowledge, always on the prowl for holistic, healthy, green, fair trade, waldorf inspired, natural living products and advice to help those of us who prioritize that lifestyle! Not only is there a wealth of knowledge through the mommas in her yahoo group, but she offers fabulous deals on many products (waldorf included). She just wrapped up a 20% discount on Mercurius products through Art Makes Sense - perfect timing for grabbing the rest of our Grade 2 supplies. I have bought several of our Ostheimer figures through her special sales and every bit counts! She has Kinderkram, Evi Dolls, Servv products, Blue Canoe, etc, etc...

One of the many amazing things about Michelle is that even though her group is large (almost 500 members), she makes each and every person feel like a friend next door! Being a part of her group, in support of a natural lifestyle, has been such a blessing! So thank you, Michelle! :D

And if you're interested in joining, I hope to see you over there soon!!!

For now, I'm jumping up and down with excitement over FINALLY getting the Living Crafts Magazine - woo hoo!

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  1. thanks Jen! Lots of new mamas on greentaramama, and lots of subscriptions to living crafts! woohoo!