Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on Jakob Streit's Saint Nicholas Book

Thanks to the wonderful Cindy Walker at Whole Spirit Press, we were able to find out a bit more about bringing Streit's "Saint Nicholas" book back into print.

The copyright is held by Mercury Press and a very limited number of copies are available as of this moment. I was told this morning that once these are sold, they will reconsider whether or not the book will be brought back into print. I got the impression it was low on the totem pole :(

But if they won't reprint it, then perhaps Whole Spirit Press will be able to secure the rights to reprint it.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, you may email them at:

Or call: 1-845-356-8494 ext. 420

They are part of the Steiner community in Chestnut Ridge, NY and were very hard to get a hold of. There is no online ordering available and the book is around $7.50. I just ordered a copy, so I will confirm that it is indeed the right book :D The price seems very low for this book. Again, they don't have many copies left and I was dissuaded from putting the word out there, but I know there are many who would love a chance to own a copy of this wonderful little book!


  1. I am appreciative that you have shared this book. Saint Nicholas day is a very important time to celebrate with our family and I have not found a book that I totally loved yet on him. Thanks!

  2. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I would really love a copy to read to the children in my Aftercare. blessings ~

  3. Eeeek! Just called and left a message, I hope we get one!

  4. Just saw this after i emailed you! Thanks for your hard work on bringing this book back!

  5. Thank you,

    finally a book about Saint Nicholas that looks wonderful AND is in english so we can share it with our friends.
    My husband and I grew up with St. Nicholas and share it with our children. We have books about him but not in english. So I'm glad we will have one soon :-)
    By any chance do you know about a nice book about Saint Martin for Martinmaas? :-)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hi Patzi, I've had a hard time in the past finding any childrens books about St. Martin of Tours. There are a few in German, but I don't know of any in English. I'll keep my eye out and post if I find something.

    If anyone else knows - pls post :D

  7. wonderful news, do you think they would ship to the UK ?

  8. Hey Nocton4 - I'm not sure about that. You could try and if they won't/can't, LMK and I'll call them and have it sent to me and I can send it on to you :D

    I'm not sure how many copies are left at this point, though, so if you are interested, call/email soon!


  9. Thank you for posting this! We adored his Old Testament stories. I finally got around to ordering St. Nicholas today and can't wait for December to enjoy it with my four little ones!

  10. OH I'm so glad to hear it! I wasn't sure if they had any more left, but I'm glad I left the info up :D

    Enjoy your book this Dec and have a great summer!