Monday, March 29, 2010

Language Arts Block II: Vowels...Summary

We finally wrapped up our vowels block last week. It was only appropriate that we end with a review, topped off with an exercise in making bread shaped like each capital vowel...

The girls found other uses for their vowels...a bracelet (O)!

Hammering (with the "I") a horseshoe ("U")

We are also in the middle of reading "The Wise Enchanter" by Shelley Davidow. It is a journey through the alphabet about four children who must learn the 26 letters in order to stop the darkening ignorance and bring back wisdom and the words that have been forgotten...

To review, here are links to the lessons:
~ A can be found here...
~ E can be found here...
~ I and O can be found here...
~ U can be found here...

Books we used or found helpful (in no particular order) are:

~ Sixth Sense Language Ebook by Kristie Burns of Earthschooling
~ Living Alphabet (OR the revised version) Waldorf Alphabet Book by Famke Zonneveld
~ Among the Meadow People by Clara Dillingham Pierson
~ Among the Night People by Clara Dillinghma Pierson
~ Among the Forest People by Clara Dillingham Pierson
~ The Wise Enchanter by Shelley Davidow
~ Gwinna by Barbara Helen Berger
~ Unicorns by Usborne (this is just a lift the flap picture book with nice pictures - no story content so not an enhancing story, just a pretty book)

Many of the stories are available for free in the archives, so before purchasing, check and see if they are online! I also did tie in a lot of nature stories into this block. I'm running out of time in the school year and while I don't want to *cram* things in, I decided to weave some more elements into what we are doing this way!

Hope this helps your vowel block planning!

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