Monday, March 15, 2010

Language Arts Block II: Vowels... Letters I and O

~ "I" of sticks ~ "O" of stones

I'm a little bit behind on my posts. This was some of the work we did last week on our two vowels - the 'I' and the 'O'.

After our circle time, we started with the "I" by using sticks to make the shape of the letter. We followed along with the "6th Sense Language" to move to the sound of "I" with eurythmy styled verses and movements. We used our alphabet books and looked at pictures of things that begin with "I" and tried to think of more words that weren't featured in the books.

I read to the girls "The Griffin" from the Brothers Grimm, which tied in nicely to the "Gwinna" story we were reading (which also featured a griffin).

In our Main Lesson Books, we drew an igloo and an ice cream cone.

Charley embellished hers with an ice skate, ice, and on the left hand side is her inchworm (which has its own special section since, "you'd never see an inchworm in the ice, Momma...").

As part of our circle time, I've been enjoying the Wynstones Press "Spring" verse "A caterpillar crawled to the top of a tree..." as listed in the wonderful March Circle Time post by Lynn of "Raising Little Shoots". She does a wonderful job listing her circle time activities each month and uses a lot of great ones from the fabulous Wynstones Press series.

Using silks hand dyed by Syrendell, we rolled up our little caterpillars to act out the verse, curling them up into their chrysalis' and then...

when spring came and they emerged as butterflies, we opened the silk, held it in the middle and flapped it like a butterfly as we pranced around the house.

Then we moved onto "O"...

We ate some oranges...

And in addition to our alphabet books as the "6th Sense Language" book, we enjoyed "The Gnome" by The Brothers Grimm and also "Why Mr. Great Horned Owl Hatched the Eggs" by Clara Dillingham Pierson from her nature stories book, "Among the Forest People".

We also drew in our Main Lesson Books.

This week, we will be doing our last vowel and will tie them all in with a couple of stories. I'm also excited to talk a bit about a wonderful music program that we've been exploring :D


  1. Jen,

    I love the concrete ideas you bring to your lessons.. we have to talk more ;) LOL

  2. Why thank you, Donna! I'd love to talk more to you anytime :D You're such a fun momma and now I can say, a good friend!