Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Ready for First Grade - Making Bean Bags

In preparation for our lesson blocks on math, the girls & I decided to make 12 bean bags out of felt and black turtle beans. We measured them out to be 3.25" x 3.25" and Elena helped me stitch & fill some while Charley helped fill (and overflow) them.

I reinforced some stitching so that the beans wouldn't end up slipping out, but it was easy and enjoyable project.

Elena concentrates on her stitching...

And then fills her purple bean bag with black turtle beans (which happend to be organic, but that's all I had - lol!)

We finally finished them this morning after running out of black beans. Can't wait to use them in math or circle time :)


  1. Beanbags are just the greatest! We made a batch about two odd years ago now and they are used for all sorts of wonderful, imaginative games. They last long too. We used felt and beans just like yours. Yours look so bright and lovely!

  2. What sorts of lessons do you do with these bean bags?