Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again...and Again...

The tooth fairy made two more visits to our house in the span of a week for Charley (and she also left a matching gift for Elena who has no wiggly teeth yet). Charley lost her two top teeth about 3 days apart while we were enjoying visits with some of our Chicago cousins, so the tooth fairy was trying to find time to prepare her treasures - a little panicked :) ...

She made both of the girls pink acorn babies to use in their playscape:

And they both fit snugly in Charley's tooth box :) with a special note and magic fairy dust...

The girls put them on one of the playscapes and got out two Magic Cabin holiday fairies to watch over them...

Three days later, another top tooth decided to come out and so the tooth fairy made two little girls to take care of the acorn babies so the fairies could be relieved of their duties to fly off to Fairy Hollow to prepare for the winter festivities...

Charley has two more loose teeth so the tooth fairy is busy planning her next drop! Gramy called and sang the "All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)" song since Charley is missing both top teeth now and trying to whistle through them!

Mithing Tooth
I'm having trouble thpeaking,
thinthe I lotht my middle tooth.
Jutht yethterday my tooth wath fine
--today it wiggled loothe.
At firtht I thought it thilly,
when my tooth fell out today,
But no one theems to underthtanda
thingle word I thay.
I athked my mom to clothe the door,
she said "I cannot make it.
The door does not like wearing clothes;
it's happier when naked."
I athked if I could have a mouthe,
I promithed I would feed it,
"Another mouth to feed?" she
athked,"I'm certain we don't need it!"
I wonder if you underthtandthe
thircumthtanthe I'm in.
I told her I wath feeling thick.
She thaid "you're looking thin."
At latht she thaw how mad I wath,
Ath if I may thtop breathing.
She laughed and thaid she didn't mean it
--She wath only teething.

- Author Unknown


  1. Those are so darling!
    I'll bet the new dolls are fitting right in!

  2. Whew! Jen you have your work cut out for you!! Luckily, Lily hasn't lost any in awhile and poor Broke has not lost 1 tooth, twins..the trials and tribulations..LOVE your cute fairy dolls.. you must keep *extra* supplies on hand :)