Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Week of Grade 1: Coloring with Block Crayons

On Thursday, we had a challenging day learning to use our primary colored block crayons (red, yellow & blue). I can see how this, which is difficult for adults to master, will be a long process which will result in wonderful drawings for the girls lessons.

I have both the "Coloring with Block Crayons" book and the DVD sold through A Little Garden Flower. I admit the camera work on the DVD I have is very shaky so I felt quite sea-sick afterwards. I had to stop and give myself a break and need to finish watching the dvd (2 discs). But overall, I am very grateful to have these resources since this type of coloring/drawing is very different from what we've ever done before...

I cut up some drawing paper, rounded the corners and we did a blending exercise together using the three primary colors so they could get the feel of the crayons and how to use them. I love the other colors which result after blending. When we were done with blending, the girls were allowed to create whatever picture they wanted in their Main Lesson Books.

I have my own Main Lesson Book in which I am hoping to record a picture of the main fairy tale we tell for that week. I started very nicely...

But can see that my end product is quite amateurish :-D

It will be fun to see how our drawing improves as time goes on and we practice more.

This is my crayon drawing of a scene from the Grimm's "The Water-Nixie"...

Tomorrow, we will be tying the week together with some fun activities. I hope to post each week our Mon-Thurs, which is our main schooling days and Fri is our supplemental (festival/what do we feel like doing today) day!

I also am finishing up the final touches on our year plan and will be posting that, as well to help keep track of our homeschooling experience.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Jen,
    You know, I have been debating whether to get this resource or whether we could do without. We do seem to under-utilise block crayons so perhaps I should get this then I could learn to use them as they should be used and pass on tips to the boys. Each of your drawings are lovely!

  2. Hi Kelly! There is a single DVD that sells for around $20 versus the 2 disc one I bought from ALGF for $35 or something like that. I wonder if the one I have was made separately for ALGF and is shaky because it was not more "professionally" done. I am quite disappointed in how shaky it is...When she is sitting still, the camera is on a tripod and it's fine, but when she's showing what to do, it's all over the place. If anyone else who sees this post has the single dvd not sold through ALFG, is it shaky in places, too?

    There is a free video out there (sampler) here:

    HTH & thanks for the lovely comments!

  3. I do not have the DVD, but do enjoy using the book. When we did 1st grade I worked in my own main lesson book too. I did not do the writing in my book, but whenever we did a picture we both did them in our lesson books together.
    Getting a bit ahead here, but when you are ready for 2nd grade I highly recommend Sieglinde de Francesca's Teaching with the Fables book. It is beautiful, one of my favorite 2nd grade resources.

  4. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog tonight. I started first grade this year with my son, and I'm going to enjoy following along with you! Don't feel that you picture looked amateurish. Have you ever seen any of Steiner's drawings? Lets just say that the bar really isn't that high!

  5. Your crayon drawing was beautiful! I have been struggling with the block crayon lessons, trying to master this new technique, new medium. I try to empathize with my children through my own trial and far, it's pretty ugly, lol!

    Do you have the Sieglinde de Francesca DVD edited by A Little Garden Flower? I like that one a lot.

    Keep drawing, creation is a lifelong process.

  6. Oops, sorry, I just reread that that is indeed the DVD you have. I did not find it shaky, but she is so very talented that I feel inadequate when trying...but inspired.