Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Book Review: The Springs of Joy

This week's book review is "The Springs of Joy" by Tasha Tudor. While it is currently out of print, it might be at your local library. As of this writing, Alibris has some used copies for a nice price (this one for $1.99).

Like Tudor's other work, this one shines with breathtaking illustrations of a bygone era that many of us are striving to bring back in our modern world. It is not a storybook at all, but rather an inspirational collection of quotes and sayings from some of the world's most gifted writers (Twain, Hugo, Wordsworth, Emerson, Thoreau, Wilde, Whitman, Shaw, Poe, Blake, Stevenson, etc, etc) coupled with her rich illustrations. Many focus on character development and in her usual style, nature and animals abound (including lots of corgis, for those corgi lovers out there :D)

The copy of this book was a gift to me from my parents in 1981 and I am proud to say, was autographed by the amazing Ms. Tudor when she came to town for a book signing...

Here are but a few examples of the beauty of this lovely book...
Click on each picture to enlarge...

There's not much more to say on it as it entirely speaks for itself...It is a book that I will proudly share someday with my grandchildren and then gift to one of them.

Happy early May Day!


  1. Such beauty, peace and joy in her work. I also collect her books. She inspires my life.

  2. Just lovely, I am not familiar with this book, so I will try my local library. cheers Marie

  3. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy her works too. And, after a somewhat disheartening trip to our library yesterday, and a feeling of 'what to read', this reminded me of some lovelier bits of literature. I also have been wanting to order two of Elsa Beskow's books, they seem nice for spring, Emily and Daisy, and the Curious Fish. We just read Pelle's New Suit again, and will be going to a sheep shearing soon!



  4. Oh! We love Tasha Tudor here! I never heard about this book, it looks beautiful!

  5. I am so glad to be reminded of this book. I will go find it. Tasha Tudor was a friend of my Grandmother's, so we love looking at her books!