Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Spring!

Down in the earth in their dark winter bed
Someone is calling, the crocus said
In colours bright they quickly dressed,
In lavender, purple and gold of the best.
Then out in the grass they dance in a ring
And call to the children, "Come out!  It is spring."
~ H. Henley

Stay tuned for a post on our schooling and our spring giveaway is right around the corner!  Happy Spring!


  1. Oh how my arms are open for Spring!

  2. Looking forward to reading more homeschooling posts :)

  3. Hello Jen!
    Blessings from sunny England :)
    How lovely to see you're blogging again.
    I am so sorry we have lost touch - life here has been so frantic. It is challenging to prioritise sometimes.
    Did I tell you my husband had brain surgery ? He had a tumour which thank God, was successfully removed.
    I am blogging (tentatively) again.
    Please get in touch - I would *love* to hear how you are all doing.