Friday, October 23, 2009

First Grade: Language Arts Block (Con't)

Here is a continuation of our LA Block. I didn't record all the 6th sense tie-ins, but will try to record things better in the future. I am including a lot of pictures of our MLB's to provide a lot of visual, which some people might find helpful :D

W - "The Fisherman and His Wife" by Bros. Grimm

While our chalk and white board drawings incorporated waves, we decided in our main lesson books, to draw witches on a broom, as seen in the "Living Alphabet" book, which is out of print and has been replaced with the "Waldorf Alphabet Book".

C - "Cat and Mouse in Partnership" by Bros. Grimm

We smelled spices like Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, and Curry and ate carrots.

We also finally enjoyed our Crayon Pouches that I made for the girls. I found a free pattern online, but decided to use felt instead of denim and it was so thick when I turned it inside out that I scrapped it and played around until I found one to suit our needs for both block and stick crayons.

I ended up using three sheets of felt, a cotton cover, and yarn which we finger knitted to make the tie. I don't have a sewing machine so it was all done by hand. The girls chose their own colors.

And then we continued with our Language Arts block...

F - "The Lambkin and the Little Fish" by Bros. Grimm

We ate quite a lot of fruit and checked out Fennel seeds.
H - "The Hut in the Forest" by Bros. Grimm

Elena decided to draw a horse instead, inspired by Famke Zonneveld's illustration of "H" in "The Living Alphabet" book.

Charley drew a hut on her white board and a horse in her MLB.

J - "The Water of Life" by Bros. Grimm

We drew Jellyfish in our MLB's. After realizing that some of the illustrations are just too overwhelming for 6 year olds, I decided to try to make them a bit more simple. The Jellyfish was easy enough for them and much better than the drawing I did - lol!

We tasted some Jam and played by jumping around the room and jumping over sticks in the backyard.


  1. I love your chalk drawings! They are so neat! The girls work is adorable what lovely main lesson books! So many wonderful pictures and ideas it looks like you and the girls are having a great year!

  2. Wow...amazing chalk drawing! Your girls look like they are enjoying learning their letters. You are incorporating the stories beautifully with your homeschooling! Love the case. :)

  3. Wonderful blackboard drawings & beautiful main lesson books : )