Friday, October 23, 2009

First Grade: Language Arts Block (Con't)

B - "The Willow Wren and the Bear" by Bros. Grimm

G - "The Golden Goose" by Bros. Grimm

Taking suggestion from Kristie Burns' "Sixth Sense Language", we decided to do a watercolor painting of a goose in the shape of a G.

Pictures of our Main Lesson Book drawings...

For lunch, we had grapes and made homemade garlic bread, smelling the garlic. We also read "The Harvest" poem by A. Henderson from Wynstone's "Autumn" book.

K - "King Thrushbeard" by Bros. Grimm

The girls and I absolutely LOVED this story. We had a lot of fun retelling it over and over again. The girls drew King Thrushbeard into the letter "K".
Here is Elena's King before she added background to her drawing.

And my drawing...

R - "Rumpelstiltskin" by Bros. Grimm

We smelled Rosemary Leaves, ate red peppers, raisins & red tomatoes.

Charley drew rabbits instead of Rumpelstiltskin.

Elena drew Rumpelstiltskin.

L - "Louise Ladybug Looks for Friends" by me

For the letter "L", again, I didn't find a Grimm's tale that I was happy with, so I set up a scene and made up a story using three ladybugs we had needle felted in kindergarten.

The story was about a little ladybug who lived alone in the desert and went in search of others like her. She came to a stream that went up a mountain, followed it to the top and met King Winter on the top of a snow crested peak. He told her to go back down stream and search west for the Pinecone Forest where she would meet another who would take her to a land where ladybugs dwell. So Louise did and in the Pinecone Forest, she met Lucy Ladybug and the two of them traveled north to a fertile forest where they met Linda Ladybug and the three lived happily ever after with the woodland animals in the Lush Forest.

D - "Saint George and the Dragon" by Margaret Hodges

For the letter "D", it couldn't have been better timed, but it fell on Michaelmas, so I read the girls the Hodges book and made our D's into Dragons.

It was a little too difficult for the girls, so they made their own drawings. This one is of a door...

And this one is a dwarf and a door, though the shape is backwards.

One of the girls drew ducks in this picture.

We also did some nature Drawings in the backyard, which I will post about soon!

This is as far as we got before our trip to Chicago, but more posts are coming about activities we did in between our main lesson block on Language Arts.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are truly amazing. What wonderful things you are doing for 1st grade LA. :)