Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Grade Waldorf Yahoo Group!

Hey all you 2nd graders out there about to embark on this exciting year :D I'm excited to put the word out about a new yahoo group that an awesome homeschooling momma just started which is specifically for Grade 2 sharing.

It is called "Second Grade Waldorf" and the link can be found here. I'm so excited about this as a forum for all of us home educators to swap our waldorf inspired homeschooling ideas for this wonderful "Duality of Man" year!

Hope to see you over there!


  1. thanks for sharing...we just started our grade 2 journey & it would be awesome to be able to share with & pick the brains of other like mamas. :)

  2. Beautiful painting Jen and great idea.

  3. Lisa - I wish I could claim credit for that painting - lol! But it's from the group's home page :D

    Blue Skies & Dragonflies - how awesome! I'm excited to find another 2nd grader and will be hitting your blog for inspiration :D

    Sara - I agree! There should be a group for each grade :D

    Thanks for the comments mommas and have a great weekend!