Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Beach Days with our Chicago Cousins!

Memories Of The Beach

We went to the beach to get wind in our hair
to stand on the sand and simply to stare.
To let the surf tickle toes and dampen our clothes
as we played 'run away'
from the wavelets at play.

We went to the beach to climb on the rocks
find cool shallow pools where we'd take of our socks,
and peer in the waters to see what we might find
that the waves of the sea,
had last left behind.

We went to the beach to find coloured shells
the kind that when placed to our ears
make the sound of the ocean appear,
and gathered rocks that we never would find
in the places we walked,
for most of the time.

We went to the beach and all that, we did find
and the smell of the salt refreshed our tired minds.
I'll never forget the laughter and sounds
and the freedom to run,
on that wet sandy ground.

We went to the beach my family and I
and there we were one,
with the ocean, the beach, and the sky.

~David Taylor

Shell in the Beach

a mother tells a story to her son
'there are three men
one of them went to the beach
and found a beautiful shell in the beach
then he showed it to another man
a beautiful shell he discovered
the last one heard from others
that there's beautiful shell in the beach.'
the mother looks to her son then smiles
'now my child,
from three of them
which one who really knows
the beauty of the shell in the beach? '

from C.M.B.


  1. What gorgeous pictures!! And it looks like your girls had so much fun! :)

  2. Wow! It looks like so much fun! Your girls are totally gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful pictures, as usual! I wanted to thank you for letting everyone know about the Living Crafts subscription special. The next issue was going to be my last and boy, did I save a lot of money because of you. :O)

    Enjoy the rest of your summer! I can't wait to read about 2nd grade!!

    By the way, I listed your blog as my top 3 for Living Crafts magazine. They're starting a blog soon.