Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mama West Wind Wooden Peg Gnomes

Meet Nicolae, Adela, and Vlad - the Waldorf Forrest Gnomes!

I was lucky enough to win one to celebrate the opening of Mama West Wind's etsy shop in May, which can be found here. We were so excited that we ran online to purchase two more. My girls and I think they are just darling. They are made with upcycled felted wool and wood pegs. You can see some of the other darling ones that Becca sold here. They are very child friendly, adorable, and I love that Mama West Wind is reusing wool :)

I wanted to wait to blog about them until the weather turned slightly cooler and now the gnomes have come out from underground to gather the seeds that they will nurture during winter!

Becca has a lovely blog that can be seen here. She is a very creative momma of two of the cutest little guys around and has been featured on The Crafty Crow here!


  1. Very cute. We are feeling very gnomish around here these days.

  2. oh, how soulfull are those little fella's! I love your play mat too! did you make it yourself? I am squirreling ideas and inspiration for my own felted play mat.I love the shades and tones you've used.


  3. Thanks Sarah & Bianca for the sweet comments :D

    Bianca, yes I did make the play mat myself. I think I did a partial tutorial on it. Will have to find it and post the link. I love the wool, too. I took a little knitting class at our local homeschooling expo and one of the moms brought the wool that she sheared & dyed herself. I haven't been able to find more like it - but it's very muted, soft and dreamy :)

    Have fun designing yours - would love to see how it turns out!


  4. Found it! Will put it up on the side bar tutorial on my blog, as well :)


  5. Oh, I feel warm and cozy just looking at this bundled up family.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my little gnomes! Love seeing what a beautiful home you've provided them. Love the play mat! I have to make that now!

  7. Adorable! Glad to hear that the Etsy shop is open. Your playmat is perfect for the little ones!

  8. So sweet!!! Reusing wool is my dearest kick these days ~ Enjoy yours!!

  9. Hallo, I've awarded you a "Stylish Blogger Award"; please pop over if you'd like to accept.

  10. Have to tell you again how much I love seeing them in their new home. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I got a sale through your blog post! Thank you very much for the feature!


  11. Yeah! Glad to hear it, Becca! We love our little peg gnomes so I'm happy to hear someone else is loving theirs, too :)

    And Kestrel - thank you for the nomination. I hope to pop over to your blog tomorrow :)