Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Fairy Tales" by Christine Natale is Available at Lulu for 25% off!

Just heard from Christine that her childrens book entitled"Fairy Tales" is currently on sale for 25% off the cover price at There are many wonderful stories tied into the four seasons, to be enjoyed by families for years to come. The summary reads:

"A collection of 15 seasonal fairy tales created for Christine Natale's Waldorf Kindergartens through the years."

The link to the book can be found here and you can take a peek at the chapters. I'm getting out my copy of it after this post :D


  1. Fairy tails...just resonate through out my body and my children. Nothing like a good one.

  2. Thank you again, Jen! I think there are a few you might not have seen yet. : ) Hopefully, I will have a few more out soon.