Thursday, November 18, 2010

Babci's Aprons & Snickerdoodles

The girls wearing two of Babci's aprons my momma sent to me.

It is almost the one year anniversary since my Granny passed away just about a month short of her 92nd birthday. Because my mom is called Gramy by her grandchildren, my twins would call their great Granny "Babci" which is Polish for "Grandmother". With a little adjustment to the necks, the girls chose a beloved apron that still smells like Babci's house to wear as we begin to make our dozen batches of Christmas cookies for a dog rescue fundraiser in December. The first batch are Snickerdoodles...

We are in the middle of our 2nd math block and have been practicing our four processes when baking by doubling the recipe and then halving so they each can do equal amounts...

After the dough chilled, the girls rolled and dipped the cookies into the sugar mixture to bake.

And a tidbit: my blog was named after this hearth that is still under construction in our kitchen (DH is putting the stones on it)...our kitchen has been under construction for over 2 years now...will have to do a before and after shot when it's finally done!

I'm not quite sure if my mom really knows how very special the aprons she gave me from Granny are. She gave us aprons and handkerchiefs that my great grandmother crocheted the edges on. I will post pictures soon.

Grandma's Apron
~ by C J Heck

Gramma's gone, but not forgotten,
that's her apron hanging there.
It still hangs in Grampa's kitchen.
Sometimes he looks at it and stares.
When Gramma wore her apron
it was magical to see.
The pockets held such treasures
for the grandkids just like me.
Saw it shine up Grampa's fender once
just as pretty as you please,
and it wiped my brother's cheek off
one time when he sneezed.
It took cookies from the oven,
it rushed to wipe a tear,
got a grain of sand out of your eye,
made a lap for the stories we'd hear.
It wiped spills up from the counter top
when she was baking pies,
a symbol of her love and care
and it showed, too, in her eyes.
Sometimes I'm sad to look at it
when I see my Grampa stare.
Gramma's gone, but not forgotten.
That's her apron hanging there.

And now her aprons hang upon the necks of her great grandtwins :)


  1. ::wow::
    what beautiful sentiments...and that poem...makes me feel like crying...
    i love your kitchen, too!

  2. Lovely! Your kitchen is gorgeous and so are the girls! Baking is the best way to do maths!

  3. Wonderful kitchen! I love the girls expressions as they handle the different ingredients.

  4. Oh I dream of a kitchen like yours!
    Thank you for sharing! I don't know how you find time to do all that and blog too...I tried blogging but just couldn't get into it.

  5. Thanks aflowerfairy mom! As you can see, my blog has been terribly neglected this fall :( But we can only do what we can and there is always the first priority of those little munchkins that need us so. I hope to get back on the blogging ball after the holidays! Stay warm :)

  6. lovely piece at ROTH, great idea .. love and care to you all x