Sunday, January 2, 2011

Angel Kisses from Heaven

Today, we received a special gift - Angel Kisses from Heaven in the form of : S-N-O-W!!!!!

Little light snowflakes
Whirl around.
Little light snowflakes
Fall to the ground.
Fall on the tree
And fall on me;
Make the earth white,
Make the earth bright.
~ I. Tupaj

It started out as rain that seemed awfully thick and then I realized it was actually snowing! This is incredibly rare as I don't think it has snowed in this area for over 20 years. Didn't think it was going to stick, but it is and we're having a blast! It's amazing how much this seems like a miracle to me. Reminds me of that old Christmas classic "The Year without a Santa Claus" where it snows in Southtown, thanks to the Snow Miser (and Heat Miser) - anyone remember that one?

I can't wait to see it all tomorrow morning and hopefully do our first official snow hike in the canyons!

Found this q/a on the internet asking why it doesn't snow in Los Angeles and this was the answer:

"The moderating ocean affect from the Pacific Ocean keeps Los Angeles very mild during winter, making it rare for snow. Los Angeles has a few cold snaps in winter, and has flurries of snow every 20-30 years and usually melts by noon. The last snowfall was 0.02 inches in 1962. "

And if you didn't see the giveaway for the beautiful Snow White and 7 Dwarves made by Silvia at Eco de casa, head on over and enter to win!


  1. Wow! How exciting! We are having a serious cold snap here in Portland, too... I bet it's the same weather system. On my hike today I got to enjoy some really cool ice formations in the woods. Enjoy your winter weather! :)

  2. Wow! Looks like the girls are enjoying the angel kisses! That's the most amazing snowman I've ever seen, truely a lobor of love. Happy snow!

  3. That is so exciting for you all. Hooray for snow. Really incredible.

  4. Oh I know just how you feel when you say it seems like a miracle! What a wonderful gift :)

  5. Wasn't it amazing! I too felt like it was such an incredible gift from God and my kids had so much fun that day!
    Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures :)