Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Reconciliation

My two very excited little girls...

Yesterday, after months (or really years) of preparation the girls were thrilled to make their First Reconciliation, their second of the seven Sacraments of the Holy Roman Catholic Church...

As homeschoolers, we were welcomed with open arms at St. Mel Parish, where both the girls and I were baptized years ago, though the church looked different when I was baptized there. It was extensively remodeled after an earthquake in the 90's. My favorite part of the remodel is the two pastel angels you can see along the walls if you look hard enough...can you spot them?

Our program with one of my favorite gospel stories, showcasing unconditional love...

Just before entering the confessional...a bit nervous!

Elena goes first!

Look at that smile!

Charley told me that she felt so HAPPY when the priest blessed her!

Her expression speaks volumes here...

After the service, we lit candles and prayed at the feet of St. Joseph and Mother Mary

Grandfather came to share in the joy!

The children's name tags were pinned on the banner.

So excited...

We did it!

Dancing for joy!

Unconditionally loved...


  1. Wow...this looks like it really meant allot to them. and they look so sweet.

  2. They are so beautiful and such accomplice! That look on their face is priceless!

  3. Beautiful... I'm glad it was such a lovely first sacrament. I'm always as nervous as my dc when they confess for the first time!

  4. Your girls look so happy. Glad it went well. Our son is preparing too.

  5. Just Beautiful! I am so happy for the girls and so excited for their First Holy Communion!
    Thank you for sharing!
    God Bless,