Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Spring!


I can't believe spring is already here!  My husband recently put up a few shelves in our school room so I could display some of our beloved wooden figures and needle felted treasures.  It helps with our rhythm.

 I have so missed blogging, feeling sad that I haven't much time anymore to capture our days and share them with others, but I did go through today and saw about 50 comments left through the years that I hadn't seen and got around to publishing them today.  I wanted to thank each and every one of you who reached out and commented on a post I had done.  It really meant the world to me - like little hugs across the miles :) 
It is so nice to find like-minded friends and others with the passion to nurture and prioritize the health and development of our children.  Sharing helps others and reaching out to receive inspiration or to inspire others, in turn, helps so many children.  I know I have been so motivated and enlightened by so many amazing mothers, fathers, teachers, and friends out there through the years who took the time to share.

So today, I want to honor all of you and in the spirit of giving, I am going to be making something today to give away as a token of thanks this week!  I don't have any plans yet just *what* to make - other than something needle-felted as that is a beloved passion of stay tuned and enjoy the life that is blooming right under our noses!

Blessings and light to all my friends and readers! 

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