Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wonder of Childhood Online Magazine

Oh I am so excited about this online magazine created by Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie who blogs here. Lisa is well known for her beautiful outreach to the community, sharing her own wonderful stories and understanding of waldorf education and holistic living. She is putting the finishing touches on what promises to be an amazing resource for families everywhere with an emphasis on waldorf homes, life and education. The magazine is called, "The Wonder of Childhood".

I was honored when Lisa contacted me to write a monthly column for her new online magazine, representing the waldorf inspired homeschoolers out there. My first article can be seen here. I am so excited to be in the company of so many amazing contributors whom I so admire and who I have turned to time and time again for inspiration and education.

Lisa is one of the most beautiful souls that I've met. She willingly gives and shares with others, always striving to do more and to learn more. I am thrilled at this undertaking to put together an all encompassing free magazine for the benefit of families everywhere. Thank you, Lisa! And hope everyone gets a chance to check it out and take it all in. It is absolutely fabulous and has contributions by so many amazing experts out there, including Eugene Schwartz, Marsha Johnson, Christine Natale, Suzanne Down, and so many others that you will most likely recognize if you scroll through it.

Very exciting! Be sure to have a peek at The Wonder of Childhood...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sorry to be MIA...Bdays and Family Time

Life has been keeping us so busy lately that I've taken a break from blogging. I'm almost caught up and eager to share what we've been up to, but not today. I want to mention that I have several comments that I haven't published yet with wonderful awards that I'm so flattered to receive. I will blog about them as soon as I can and thank every one who sent some love my way :)

In the meantime, my baby girls turned 8 in Feb! My mom flew out from Chicago and spent about 3 weeks in California to attend a lavish wedding of my cousin who got married at St. Patrick's Cathedral in San Francisco, followed by a reception at The Palace Hotel where many VIP's have stayed at this historical hotel. Will blog some pictures about that later. It was gorgeous there!

In the meantime, we had two different bouts of the tummy flu blow through our home (coupled with a broken washing machine with parts on back order - ugh) and ended up having a very mellow b-day for the twins. They haven't finished opening their gifts yet because we kept getting hit with illnesses and family obligations. But here is a glimpse at our store bought cake (I know...I know...) and a couple of special gifts they received this year.

Charley held up the "banana cake" for Elena to blow out the candles on since she was under the weather :) Yes, it is literally an opened banana with candles - lol!

A few special goodies...

They were thrilled to get a few Ostheimer horses to add to their collection and some used Ostheimers we found from a special mama who was ready to pass them along.

And I will be returning to the blogging world soon to share some lesson plans. Am excited to announce that my friend, Lisa, has something very special planned for everyone that I'm playing a tiny part in...and I will be bringing back my shop soon! I've missed working on projects, but had to take a much needed break.

Hugs to all my friends out there and hope to catch up with everyone soon! Happy weekend!