Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent has arrived!  For those who celebrate this religious tradition, Waldorf has found a lovely way to tie it into the earth, as well.  We begin with the Light of Stones...
Carrie from The Parenting Passageway wrote a beautiful and detailed post on the first week of Advent in relation to Waldorf and how she and her family celebrate.  It can be seen here.
In our family, we make our own Advent wreath from branches in our yard, pine cones we have collected, acorn caps, and this year, we rolled red holly balls from our wool roving.  My daughters, who are now 10 years old (OMG) made the wreath this year with minimal help from Mom :)
Several years ago, I created a basic tutorial, which can be seen here
The twins tied the branches to the frame with twine.
I got out some special gifts from nature we have collected through the years...
From our lovely Oak tree in the front of our home...
And pine cones from a park near our house...
Laney got to use the hot glue gun and glued the acorn caps to the branches...
She glued the wool balls and I tied red ribbons on our candle holders this year...
We begin with a story from one of my favorite books, Christmas Roses: Legends for Advent...
Light our candle with a prayer...
And meditate on our blessings...
The Advent Wreath helps us focus and center on family, reminds us to slow down and come inward again to replenish, to heal, and to rest.
I found some beautiful verses that I enjoyed very much from Sandi at The Sun with Loving here.
Blessings and Light to you all as you begin this Advent journey!

Leaving November behind...

Golden Sun is going down to seek his winter throne.
Far and wide the seeds now sleep my garden is alone;
When all around is dark and still within the winter night.
The sun will rise within my heart and shine a warmer light.

~ M. Meyerkort
from the Autumn book by Wynstones Press

A glimpse of our schoolroom...just before the autumn fairies carried the seed babies away...

Hello my friends - I have missed posting and have much I hope to share with you all from this past year.  I also have messages I still have to go through and appreciate everyone's patience.  Life has been so busy that I had to prioritize things other than updating this blog.  Now that December is here, we slow down and focus on the magic of this special time, so my hope is to post more and get caught up.  Blessings and love to all of you!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Spring!

Down in the earth in their dark winter bed
Someone is calling, the crocus said
In colours bright they quickly dressed,
In lavender, purple and gold of the best.
Then out in the grass they dance in a ring
And call to the children, "Come out!  It is spring."
~ H. Henley

Stay tuned for a post on our schooling and our spring giveaway is right around the corner!  Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reactivating Ancient Hearth

I apologize for panicking and removing my blog from public access.  I won't go into the details of what caused me to pull the plug, but after much thought and prayer, I realized that if this blog can help even one parent, teacher, or child on their journey - it should remain accessible to all.

Life has gotten so busy in the past couple of years that I have not been documenting much of what we've been doing, intending to go back in the summer and photograph our work for the year to post, yet summer flies by and we are already into the next spring.  I hope to be better at posting at least a smidgen of what we are doing.

Until then, I hope that this blog can be a place of inspiration and inner quiet where others can be nurtured as I have been.  Blessings and light to you all.