Friday, November 27, 2009

Sara's Toy Box Blog

Today is "Black Friday", which has the ability to make one's stomach turn. On one hand, the tradition of American families to wait in the cold during the wee hours of the morning to rush into a store and snatch up unbelievable deals for a fraction of the price puts a smile on some faces, while others hide in their houses and wait for this day to pass before venturing outside once again. Tragedies have occurred on this day when people have been trampled all in the name of saving money.

In any case, many people begin to think about searching for that special gift to leave under the beautifully decorated tree to oogle in delight at the bright faces of our children on Christmas morn as they unwrap their precious packages. Many of the people who visit this blog are very selective about which types of toys are allowed to enter their homes, so I'd love to put a plug in for this wonderful toy blog for those discriminating types: Sara's Toy Box.

Specifically, if you are shopping for the holidays or birthdays, be sure to check the blog for special coupon codes listed only at Sara's Blog! Every bit of savings helps and often these natural shoppes that don't usually post discounts will post them at Sara's.

Have fun shopping and many blessings to you and yours during this holiday season!

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