Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Squirrel Nutkin Verse & Book in the Making

Aside from our Main Lesson Books, we have decided that we will stitch together several other books from this Grade 1 year.

One of them is going to be a watercolor book of our favorite pieces. The rest we will turn into cards.

The other is going to be our Verse book and it begins with our Autumn tales - the first being of Squirrel Nutkin. The verse is taken from the Wynstone's "Autumn" story entitled, "Autumn Story" by B. Marking.

I told the story over the course of one week and we worked at our own pace, drawing our picture and then copywork of the verse. Elena was done in one day while Charley took three days to copy her verse. After listening to the wonderful online session on the temperaments with Kristie Burns, arranged by Donna with The Waldorf Connection, I could see how it was important to work with the girls varied temperaments and why one might take longer than the other.

Here are a few pictures. I will post our weekly verse and at the end of the year, show our stitched homemade verse books! Can't wait!

Of course, if you haven't read Beatrix Potter's tale to your children yet, it is a classic (though some more sensitive children might not be ready for it, so please preview it first). You can access it for free here.


  1. Another fantastic idea, Jen! We all adore cheeky little Squirrel Nutkin here. Another favourite is Jeremy Fisher.

  2. What a great idea, and I love the art work. Their books will truly be a treasure!

  3. I am reading "Autumn Story" to my preschooler this month!
    Lovely ideas, again, Jen & your main lesson books are just beautiful

  4. *wink* Thanks Jen!! Love the idea of the books. You are so creative.


  5. Terrific idea! Can't wait to see your book when it's all done. :)