Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The bunnies are a'comin'!

Bunnies in the spring are one of my favorite sights. They just couldn't be any cuter and I can never bring myself to shoo them away, even when they're eating my greens. This week, I have been working on needle felting animals for our nature table. This was my first bunny, which is very tiny - perfectly sized for our naturescape! The girls have named her "Cottontail".

Of course, she had to nibble on my grass outside before we brought her in...

Cottontail must have been thirsty, because she made herself quite at home, taking a drink from one of our seashell ponds...

Before finally settling down to rest in the rock garden...

I am very new to needle felting, but have absolutely fallen in love with it. I find it so meditative and calming. I love the feel of the wool, the crunching sound of the needle moving into the foam board and the freedom to create with no right or wrong - it is fairly easy to fix mistakes so far. There is so much I am hoping to make. If only there could be more time in each day :)

Speaking of bunnies, one of the cutest books I've read about them recently is entitled, "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" by Du Bose Heyward. It is an Easter story about a female country bunny who dreams of becoming one of the Five Easter Bunnies, is laughed at by the other bunnies, yet never loses sight of her dream, even after becoming a very busy momma bunny to 21 youngsters! It definitely has a feminist twist to it, despite it being written in 1939 & brought a few tears to my eyes. She does put her bunnies to work at a young age, is rather strict with them, but they have a nice rhythm going & it served the story well. My girls enjoyed it, as well & I loved the magic of the little gold shoes...it was recommended to me by another Waldorf momma out there :)

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