Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mud - A Simple Joy in the Life of a Child...


I like mud.
I like it on my clothes.
I like it on my fingers,
I like it on my toes.

Dirt's pretty ordinary
And dust's a dud.
For a really good mess-up
I like mud.

- by John Smith

Hey Mommy...we found a puddle!

Check out my gloves of mud!

I love to be barefoot in the puddles and in the mud and in the wet grass, even though it sometimes makes my skin itchy!

I like to sit in it and feel my fingers digging into the schlop - it's so soft and squishy!

Look! Daddy's Home! Let's run and show him the magical, marvelous mud we got to play in!

It's great to be a child and explore the simple wonders. Let me be a kid and give me some good old fashioned mud to play in...

Uh, Mom! I think I need a bath now!

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