Thursday, June 11, 2009

Syrendell Sprites

We picked up our Syrendell Sprites when we met the Tan family at the Fiber Arts Retreat the other weekend. Right when we got home, the girls wanted to paint theirs. We also purchased some small silks and the awesome Eco Twig House for our puppet shows! It is even more beautiful in person and will be getting a blog of its very own soon :)
The girls ran outside to pick flowers for three of the sprites and they were so beautiful that we had to take pictures of them in their natural state.

Here is one of them with a birdie sitting on her head!

We went to our local craft store so each of the girls could pick her own special color. "E" chose a very bright pink and "C" chose a very bright yellow. Definitely springy sprites and it made it so special and fun that the girls got to design and paint their very own!

You can see how *bright* they are in this picture. The paint also dried very quickly and we ended up with some paint lines that I tried to smooth over, but the paint had already dried. I spoke to Syrendell and they said we could lightly sand them out with a fine grain, but the girls have since insisted that they like them this way.

Time to put them in the Eco-Twig House. Hey...that looks like Snooks in there! Yup, little Snooks the snail came home with us and was the hit of the party with the girls all the way home from the retreat!

"C" loved hers so much that she kept stopping to give her sprite hugs. I happened to catch this one :)

Here are some of our beautiful new silks...

And the girls had so much fun playing with their new sprites. We did purchase some beeswax and "E" polished hers today. "C" might want to add some flowers to hers so they aren't all finished just yet and we were able to sand off a bit of paint that the girls got on their faces and hands, thanks to the tip from Syrendell!

We're loving our new sprites! Thanks Syrendell :)


  1. Oh, wow! The sprites and snail are so happy in your home. I love how the girls painted them. The sprites, birdies, flowers, silks and shells all make the fairy home magical. Wonderful!

  2. Jen, how wonderful that your girls got to meet the makers, too! That gives their sprites so much more wholeness, connection.... I'm not sure what the word is I'm looking for. I think I would have so much more feeling for something that I knew so much care was put into.

  3. How awesome! I love those sprites and how the girls painted them!

  4. Thanks guys...Jenell, I know exactly what you mean. To meet the artists and shake the hands of those who make our treasures really makes it that much more special. There is more of a soul connection to the creation. I am floored by the amount of creativity in the earthschooling group. I find myself inspired by every single blog in one way or another :)

    Thanks again for the fun comments :) Happy week!