Wednesday, June 17, 2009



This week Syrendell sent me (Jen) a Watermelon Award. Sweet!

I accept and reciprocate by sharing six things that make me happy:

1. My husband! When I was in college, I was on a career path and there was no room in my immediate future for a real romance. But boy did I learn that some things are just meant to be when I met my husband senior year and after 4 days of dating, he told me he could marry me based on those days...That was almost 17 years ago and we are still so much in love. I am so lucky that I have met my soulmate, who loves me unconditionally (even with my twin skin on my belly from carrying the girls full term). And I am grateful for his love and commitment and cherish him as my other half.

2. My babies! They go hand in hand with my hubby. I always knew I wanted children and I knew the love between us would be amazing, but I never realized how much I would learn from them. They have taught me patience. They have taught me that you can't plan everything - sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. They have taught me to love life and marvel at even the most simple moments. They are such a gift to us and I dedicate myself to their care and hearts. They brought me closer to God for many, many reasons. I see such mystery in their eyes and the magnificence of their great souls.

3. Homeschooling...I never planned this, but like attachment parenting, it just felt right and was an extension of it. I love being with my children and seeing those moments when something clicks or when they want to share a special find with me. I love being with them every day and the closeness we hold so sacred. I love that they love and need me and each other in a way that is supportive of our desire for a family centered upbringing. We root each other, so to speak.

I had read a beautiful passage once in a Samuel Blumenfeld book which equated homeschooling to breastfeeding. It said that homeschooling is the "mother's milk" of education. I thought that was an amazing realization and I completely agree with it!

4. Creative Writing...I've always loved to write and started writing novellas at the early age of 8. My husband was a history major and is very creative and I love when we work together on creative writing projects. He is an amazing storyteller and I have learned so much from his guidance. I hope that one day, we will reach the stage of publication (send us your positive vibes :)

5. Animals...I am an animal lover, who unfortunately has allergies to most critters, but they make me so happy. I still feel like a 5 year old in a pet shop and want to adopt all creatures, large and small (though I admit I am a bug-a-phobe...) We love our puppy and are adopting some ratties this weekend! If I didn't have cat and dog allergies, we'd HAVE to move to a farm where I could house them all - LOL!

6. The Ocean...though we don't go nearly enough, there is nothing so relaxing and soothing as just sitting on a beach and listening to the waves. The kids have such fun just being in nature and I feel the fresh salt water rejuvenating my smog infested LA lungs! Just kidding...I love the beaches, especially in Malibu in the winter when there are no crowds. It is otherworldly and the forces of the water and the unknown, I find fascinating...can I also say that I love the moon, the stars, road trips with my family, needle felting and working with my hands, singing...OK, now I'm cheating...anyway, thanks for reading and...

In turn, I nominate these six, refreshing mammas (in no particular order):

Linda: Linda is an inspiring homeschooling Momma who knits the most beautiful characters, using gorgeous natural materials. She is amazingly creative and I love to see the hands-on activities she does with her children on their homeschooling journey. Though we're an ocean away, and then some, I feel a special kinship to Linda.

Shauna: I am happy to count Shauna as a friend of mine whom I met through our local homeschooling group. She has four adorable children and is out there on hikes and at field trips with babes and toddlers in arms and a smile on her face. She is nurturing, creative and compassionate and I think she's a pretty special momma :).

Lisa: Lisa is an amazingly creative and in-tune earth momma. I am consistently blown away by her ability to share so much with her children and with the blogging community. I really don't know where she finds time for everything, but she is doing a fantastic job inspiring her children and followers, like moi!

Artemis Moon: I am new to following her blog, but I enjoy it immensely and hope she can post even more great ideas more often :) From what I've seen, there is a pure innocence and a refreshing quality to her blog...I'm not quite sure how to capture it with words, but perhaps it is sprinkled with pixie magic :)

Jalama Dreams: The Scolari family has jumped in heads/hands/heart and Momma and daughter volunteer at a living history site in the central coastal area of California. She's learning how to card and spin her own wool and I'm excited to follow their journey and hope to meet them one day!

Jane: Jane makes the most beautiful planning pages that I love to use. She is an all natural momma who is hands on and inspirational. Her lovely heart shines through her wonderful blog posts.

I would love to hear what makes you happy, but please don't feel obligated. There is much love to go around; pass the melons!


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer for nominating me for a watermelon award! I feel truly honoured by your kindness....

  2. Wow how exciting, thank you so much for the sweet and kind words, and for the award. What a fun thing to have happen, I greatly appriciate it!

  3. Homeschooling is so special. I loved that Blumenfeld said it is the mother's milk of education.

    And it is very cool that you and your husband create together. How inspiring!

  4. I love your 6 things! I met my husband in college, too. The 6 people you chose for the award have amazing blogs!

  5. Thankyou for such a lovely comment and award. I would love to pass this on, but am having alot of trouble with my dial up connection and server. If I haven't managed to pass it on, please nominate someone else who can, and know I am very grateful. You have some great inspirations on your Blog too!

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words and for the watermelon award! I love your blog and quite a few others, actually, a lot. Thank you, again!