Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Memories ~ A Glimpse...

The Arrival

The Advent Calendar

The Advent Wreath

Father Christmas

Marta and the Polish Star

The family heirloom

The Silver Tree

The Carollers

The Angel Star Ladder

Daddy's special gift

The bird whistles

Mommy's special gift

The awesome waldorf stocking stuffer exchange

The special pink beeswax crayons in pink

The Ostheimer loot

The favorite new toy: Cheery Felted Wool Chipmunks and their Hollow Log Home from Eve's Little Earthlings

Magic Cabin Pocket Fairies and Starshine Fairies

Stonehenge replica for my history major hubby!


  1. What lovely treasures...old and new! Time for an in-breath, no? Peace and comfort to you and your beautiful family, Jen...you have certainly brought such to my family this past year.

  2. Wow! The Stonenge replica is pretty awesme! And I love the chipmunks!!

  3. Love the stone henge....I wondered if you would mind sharing the swap group you were with or was it private? I've had a bad expeirence wiht the quality of some swaps and wondered if this may be more Waldorf inspired quality items. Love your blog. Thanks

  4. Hi Castlequeen! I'm sorry I'm just getting to this now - been sooooo busy lately. This was not through an official group. It was organized through a homeschooling mama that is on a lot of waldorf boards - Aileen Dunnaway. If you're on the waldorf curriculum supplies group, you will see her name there quite a bit :) HTH!