Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Book Review: Mia's Apple Tree

What a sweet and beautifully illustrated book this is by Nancy Jewel Poer. Mia's Apple Tree was inspired by the author's then three year old granddaughter who loved her special apple tree. What I so adored about this book was the depth hidden in pure simplicity. It encompasses a beautiful journey of life tied into the 4 elements, the seasons, Heaven and the Angels, stars, the soul-life before coming over the Rainbow Bridge to earth, and nature.

The story begins with a dreamy pull into the spiritual layers of life using the visual of the star you can see if you cut an apple sideways...

"Once upon a time there was a shiny red apple, and inside the apple was a star, and inside the star was a little brown seed, and inside the seed was a secret. The secret was a dream - a dream that someday the little seed would grow into an apple tree."

The seed is planted and cared for by the earth gnomes, the rain fairies (undines), the air fairies (sylphs), and the fire fairies as the seasons pass and the tree waits and waits to grow.

Next to the tree is a house where a Mommy & Daddy wait for their special *seed* to be born, their first child. We see the spirit of their little girl in heaven who is given a special reminder to look for the star in the heart of the apple to remind her of the beautiful stars in heaven.

The baby girl (Mia) comes down the Rainbow Bridge and into her parents awaiting arms and as she grows, she develops a love with the apple tree, playing near it, in it, singing joyfully. She remembers the stars in heaven when she sees the stars in the hearts of the apples.

The story of the tree parallels what is happening in Mia's house and as the family dreams sweet dreams, so does the apple tree, who now bears fruit. The book wraps up in a circular fashion, ending with virtually the same paragraph as it began with a powerful addition...and a reminder that life continues as it grows and grows and grows...

This book is simple enough for a very young child to enjoy. It makes a wonderful birthday read, as it encompasses the celebration of life, birth and the Rainbow Bridge. It also fit in beautifully with our block on the 4 Elements (Environmental Studies Block), so I am linking it to that, as well.

Mia's Apple Tree by Nancy Jewel Poer is a wonderful, short, sweet book that parents and children will appreciate. As I was reading it, my girls kept smiling widely. It is all love and no sorrow, sadness, trauma, or usual plot lines of stories so common today. I think it will really appeal to children who are very sensitive. It is not a long book, but has enough words that it probably would be ideal for ages 5+ (though very focused 4 year olds would probably sit through and love it, as well).

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  1. oh, I must get this for Elianna! she has her very own apple tree that we planted last year.