Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Herbal Sachets & Felt Heart-Shaped Candy Holders

This week, we are hosting the Younger Girls Club outing through one of our local homeschooling groups and will be making lavender/rose-bud sachets in honor of Valentine's Day. This craft can be found in the wonderful book Earthways by Carol Petrash. The girls and I tested them out at home first and it was an easy craft that even younger children can do without much help (my 6 year olds did need a bit of help with the cutting out of the hearts).

We got out our supplies:
- felt (red, pink, or white would be nice)
- cookie cutter in the shape of a heart (or you can cut freehand)
- quilters pen to trace the shape
- scissors
- needle and thread (embroidery floss works well with felt)
- our herbal mixtures

1. Trace the shape of your heart and cut it out (or cut your own heart freehand)

2. Trace and cut a second one.

3. Using a whip stitch, sew them together. It helps to hide the knot by starting in between the two pieces of felt. I found a really nice tutorial at this mamma's blog.

4. Stop stitching when you are 3/4 of the way finished.

5. Fill your sachet with your desired herbs. We used lavender and rose buds which are available at most crafting stores. They are also available for wholesale prices in San Francisco at this lovely shop here if you need to buy in bulk.

6. Once you are finished stuffing, finish stitching and knot off the end.

And Voila! You have a lovely smelling herbal sachet to give to someone you love. Note: you can attach a piece of yarn and turn it into a necklace or something to hang in the closet or just place it in a drawer or hang in the entryway to your home!

The girls worked on a sachet for their best friend, who happens to live next door (how convenient for me - lol!)...and they also deviated a bit and we created a nice felt candy holder pouch to give to her, as well.

Cut out two hearts (larger ones work better for this) and stitch together a little more than half way. Knot off the end and then attach a piece of yarn to the top (see pictures below) and fill with candy, stickers, felted animals, or something little! Makes a cute little pouch/purse and can even be left as a nice surprise on a neighbor's door knob!

Happy early Valentine's Day!


  1. Pretty! Wonderful Valentine's projects. :)

  2. Very cute! I never thought about using felt for satchels. That's such a great idea.