Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7th Year Birthday Memories

My babies have turned 7! These are some highlights of their birthday weekend...the night before their birthday, I read to them the lovely story called, "Little Angel's Journey" by Dzvinka Hayda (book review coming Friday)! Then it was sweet dreams...until tomorrow...

On the morning of the 15th, they placed the pink baby girls, holding the Valentine's Day hearts coming down the Rainbow Bridge!

On Valentine's Day, we took them to one of their favorite places - The Gentle Barn. It is a beautiful facility that rescues abused farm animals and gives them sanctuary for the rest of their days. It is run entirely by volunteers and on donations from the public. The animals are so loving and sweet. You can brush them, feed them, hug them and it feels oh-so-good to know that these gorgeous animals are so loved (finally)...some are blind and many bear scars of their abuse, but they are gentle and have learned to trust again...There are over 100 animals here and these are but a few pictures of our day...

The next morning, the girls started opening some presents...

Here are some highlights...the sewing baskets were inspired by the tutorial link I saw on Our Little Nature Nest. Grandma brought her sewing machine down and we were hard at work making them. It was fun to fill them with crafting supplies and the girls loved them!

Hand-dipped birthday candles we made in December for their cake...

Corgi dogs made by Zooloonaturals' etsy shop...

Tiny gnomes made by Zooloonaturals. Gnome homes purchased through Nova Natural which are handmade by artist Bill Bluhm.

Dog house hand made by Holzkram and Ostheimer dogs purchased through The Wooden Wagon.

Some lovely books!

And two happy sisters!


  1. Happy birthday to your two lovely ladies! Glad to see there are more February birthday girls out there.

  2. What lucky girls, and such a creative mama to give such lovely gifts. I love the photos of your day at the farm. Holding hands as they crossed the bridge -- so dear!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What amazing presents. The little carved gnome homes are so magical!

  4. Happy Birthday to both of your girls Jen! What a lovely celebration, The Gentle Barn looks like a wonderful place to visit, so peaceful... What beautiful gifts they received...
    Have a wonderful week, dear friend:)

  5. Oh! How wonderful! Welcome to 7..Love all the great photos..

  6. What a special birthday celebration!