Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Countdown Calendar

Inspired by another wonderful post from Our Little Nature Nest, I was inspired to make a countdown calendar, but instead of one for Valentine's Day, I changed it to make a Birthday Countdown Calendar for my twins, who will be turning 7 tomorrow!

I made the calendar using the template provided through the link on Jenn's blog post, but changed it up a bit.

Since I have twins, I knew they'd each want to put up their own animal each day, starting February 1st, so I decided I would need two trees (one for each of them) and a wide horizontal base. You can purchase these large felting backboard sheets at many craft stores. I picked mine up at Michaels. It's not 100% wool, but it's stiff so it makes a good base for this craft. I placed it over my felting pad and just made the general shape, starting with the tree root to trunk...and filled in around it...

Because this is a birthday calendar, I wanted to put a Rainbow Bridge in and I added a 15th square to hold my two felted baby twins who will come down the bridge tomorrow on February 15th! And even though it's not in this picture, we moved the hearts to day 14 for Valentine's Day...

I rounded the corners of the felt board and stitched it onto a piece of thick felt. I followed the rest of the directions and needle felted the animals and characters. Finally, I attached a branch with thread to the felt board and hung it on the wall.

Every morning, the girls run to the calendar and place the figure where they want it and I gently felt it on the board, being careful not to hit the wall behind it. It's very easy to remove if they change their mind about the placement, yet by lightly felting, it won't fall off the board. The girls absolutely love it ~ even more than I thought and as each day grows closer, they get more and more excited! I'll post a picture tomorrow of how it looked after all the animals were placed...

Tonight, my hubby and I will watch our birth video of our precious twins...just before midnight 7 years ago, my water broke...


  1. Oh gosh, how wonderful! What a nice idea to make this into a special countdown for a special birthday. And, the girls had fun, too. You are such a good mommy! :)

  2. oh my word! this is stunning, Jen!

  3. What a great idea -- and so beautifully executed. I get so sentimental about my children's birthdays -- it's so wonderfully special to remember the circumstances of their births. Happy birthday to your girls.

  4. Oh Jen! So special! Wishing your precious twins a very, very special 7th birthday! What an important day.

    Best wishes

  5. Happy Birthday Charley and Elena!

    I hope that your special day has been a wonderful one. Thank you both so much for allowing your mother to share you with people like me who love to see children growing up in a magical way.

    Blessings today and always!


  6. I don't know how you made this but it is so beautiful. That was such a special thing to make for your girls, they are very blessed :)

  7. Thank you so much Mommas! And thank you for the birthday wishes for the girls. I do feel so blessed to be entrusted with the care and nurturing of these two beautiful souls. I can't imagine my life without them...and I have to thank all of you for playing a part in raising them as each of you has touched them somehow - through your own mothering and sharing of your creative talents that has influenced what I present to them and how! So blessings to all of you, as well as a heartfelt thanks from me!