Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making Valentine's Cards with the Elderly

You've Touched My Heart

You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams
and you've become my closest friend.

You've shared your heartfelt secrets
And your trust you've given me,
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh, and love, and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part,
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart.

This past Thursday, we visited a lovely Senior Center with some homeschooling friends to sing and make Valentine's Day cards with some of the special residents at this home.

To see the smiles on the faces was just such a gift. So many Grandma's lit up with such joy! The little ones paired up with the elderly and made special cards together. It was a wonderful tradition and one that we hope to continue every year!

Our modern culture has made such a mistake in bypassing the wisdom and grace of our elderly, instead of nurturing friendships and building bonds with those who have walked in our footsteps not so long ago.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


  1. E-mailing you pix from my past. This is the most wonderful thing in the world!!!

  2. Such an important thing to do...I have fond memories of dancing and playing flute for seniors. You've reminded me of the importance of this special connection between young and old. Your girls and the older women all look so happy! :)

  3. Such a wonderful blog post Dear Jen! How lovely and important to connect with senior citizens. They have so much wisdom and knowledge to share with us all:)

  4. Beautiful and very important. Thanks Jen.

  5. Thank you for this. Sadly, Alzheimer's Diseas is stealing my mother away from us, but my 3 year old son has such a special bond with her, it seems to bring her back for a time. What a great time you all had.