Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Week: Preparing for Easter - Tufty Cones!

Well, this has been another week of virus'! One of the twins is down with a fever and my main computer picked up a nasty, nasty virus which might require a trip to the repair shop. So, not only do I have to blog on my 10 year old laptop which has seen much betters days (it's not only super slow, but also survived having a heavy plant dropped on it which broke the screen. Miraculously, the computer survived and served me well, but had to be hooked up to a monitor and is no longer really a laptop)...also, my nice camera software is too intense for my weak *laptop* so my pictures will be a bit lacking, but this is such an important week and we wanted to share some of our preparations :D So my posts will be a bit short...

Today is 5 days until Easter Sunday, so we prepared our Tufty Cones. To do this, your pine cones must be opened already (dry them out) and then place a bit of water in a dish of some kind, add some moss to soak it up a bit. Place your pine cones in the water/moss. Sprinkle some grass seeds into the openings of the cones and with the moisture, the cones will shut, sealing in the grass seeds. While the cones begin to soak up the water, the seeds are watered and voila! In 5 days, we should have some shoots! Keep the dish watered throughout the five days to keep the cones shut and place on your seasonal table to await the "birth" of the grasses. This is a nice natural way to bring a focus on the Resurrection.


  1. Ooh! Sounds good..our wheat grass is sprouting nicely. So much fun this time of year.

  2. always so wonderful and inspiring, have left a little thank you over on my blog for you xxxx

  3. Thank you so much nocton4! I am so honored :D I'll share my info next week!!!