Thursday, April 8, 2010

My First Giveaway!

Well I've finally had some time to get things in order and wanted to celebrate the opening of my etsy shop by having my first giveaway!

I've long since admired those crafty and creative moms who seem to be able to do it all so flawlessly. While in reality, we all struggle in different areas, these mommas have been so inspirational. The girls and I decided to open an etsy shop to share some of the fun creations we have made with others who might not have the time, especially with little ones underfoot, to keep up with crafting as well as those who are gifted in other ways or who just want to bring in some handmade treasures from other homes. One of the things I so love about buying handmade is that each creation will be slightly different - the other thing I love is that a piece of that creator and home goes with the treasure. It is literally infused with energy and spirit!

The girls will eventually be adding a few little things they have made and those will be so labeled!

Anyway, my blog is going to remain primarily a homeschooling blog, but I really treasure all of you who visit here and love the comments that people take the time to leave, so throughout the year, I'm going to be hosting giveaways :D

The first one will have two lucky winners! And here are the prizes :D

The wild Mother Nature and the sweet Mother Earth dolls.

One doll per winner - One winner will receive the Mother Nature doll and the other winner will receive the Mother Earth doll.

Mother Earth.

Mother Earth stands approximately 6" tall and holds a delicate bird's nest in one hand, and a broom in the other. She is busy cleaning up after winter and her spring cleaning knows no bounds! On her shoulder sits a beautiful blue bird who keeps watch over its nest. In her hair rests a lovely pink butterfly. On Mother Earth's dress is a tree and she keeps her shawl on to protect her from the winds of spring. She has been made from a variety of wools (corriedale, romanian and american merino wool with a mohair blend, wool batting, a pipe cleaner so her arms will pose, a twig, moss and some straw - no glue has been made in her construction). There's also lots of love and care that went into her xoxo

Mother Nature.

Mother Nature stands close to 6.25" tall with her wild hair reaching even taller! She is much more temperamental than her sister is as she showers the earth with her gifts. Mother Nature represents many elements - rain drops and fire on her green earthly dress, a thunderbolt in her hand, a bird (to represent the air element) in the other. Her hair is windblown and atop her head is a nest. She also wears a shawl to keep her warm during winter storms. Mother Nature has been made using the same materials as Mother Earth, with no glue in her construction.

I'd also like to note that this Mother Nature doll wears a green dress, versus the one in my shop which is a blend of earth tones. She is literally one of a kind!

Here is a shot of the two lovely Mothers together...

And their element...

They would make a wonderful addition to a seasonal table!

If you would like to be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment below indicating which doll you would prefer. A winner from each category will be randomly chosen from a little hand reaching into a hat :D - so Charley will pick a winner and Elena will pick a winner. If you can't decide, feel free to enter both categories! Any additional comments will be appreciated. I'm always open to suggestions or ideas on improvement!

Feel free to share this giveaway with others, though there is no pressure to do so. For this giveaway, I would like to keep it one entry (single or double if you would like to be entered for both dolls) per person.

Happy Spring and Happy early Earth Day! Thank you for entering and good luck! This is really fun!

The winners will be announced NEXT FRIDAY on April 16, 2010!


  1. Ooh, pick me pick me! Those two mothers are so sweet. I'm so glad you've opened an etsy shop! Can't wait to see your sweet creations!

  2. I adore them both but I think Mother Earth just has the edge for me. Your Etsy shop is fabulous ... I love the playscape.

    Thanks for blogging :)

  3. I'd love either!



  4. These are great! I can't choose between the two. They are each unique and special in their own way. I would love to be entered in the drawing for both of them.

  5. Ooooh! What a great giveaway!! In one of my favorite blogs ;) Those dolls are beatiful and I love your etsy shop.

    Please enter me for a chance to win.


  6. Woo! I love that wild little Mother Nature doll...I'm off to look at your etsy shop :)

  7. Wow! I love your blog as a resource and inspiration, and it got even better! ^_^ I would love either doll.

  8. Beautiful! I would love to win mother earth- my wee one loves eggs and nests and would love this for the spring table were making.
    Thanks and kind regards

  9. so cute! I'd love to win. & I'd like Mother Nature too. Congratulations on your shop. giving things away is fun (getting not so bad either ;) )

  10. Wow! Love them both. I would love the Mother Nature doll. Thank you for doing this! I will Tweet it out to the world. :)

  11. Beautiful! I would be honored to receive one of these Lovelies!!

  12. They are so gorgeous well doe would love either of them well done. Love

  13. Congratulations on your new Etsy shop. Thank you for sharing your creations with us. I can't chose between the two Mothers. Each is so special, either would be a wonderful addition to our family.

    Thank you,


  14. Wow they are so pretty. I wish I could do so pretty ones.
    I think both are adorable, I would love either one of them.

  15. So beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of what you and your girls make.

    I would love either one for our seasonal altar/nature table.

  16. Dear Jen,
    I am so excited you are having a giveaway! Please enter me, either one of your beautiful creations will be welcome in our home, thank you:)

  17. Beautiful creations, your work is lovely, very talented.
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway and would love either of them if I was fortunate to win.
    Thankyou for the opportunity, off to browse your ety shop now too. x

  18. I would be delighted to win either but am partial to mother nature. beautiful work!

  19. Wow! Those are both so wonderful. My daughter and I would love either of them.

  20. How exciting! I love the sweet Mother Earth one...

  21. They are wonderful creations! My daughters would love the mother earth. You have a wonderful talent!

  22. can't decide...i would be thrilled with either! they are so adorable. just found your blog (via linda's). so glad i did! thanks for the giveaway! ;)

  23. Is it too late?! They are adorable..I already have one of your wonderful creations :)

    Great job, Jen!

  24. You ARE TALENTED!! I would love to have either one grace our table here in NZ although I do love Mother Earths broom. What a treasure - I look forward to seeing more of your and your families creations.

  25. Oh my goodness Mama, these are so wonderful .. I would adore to give either of them a home.
    Thanks for being so generous xxx

  26. I love them both, and would be happy to give either a home. If forced to choose, I think I would choose Mother Nature.

  27. Just found your blog, love it & would be thrilled to win either of your beautiful dolls. I'm a little partial to the wild Mother Nature!