Monday, December 14, 2009

3rd Week of Advent: Animal Kingdom

Advent: Week 3 ~ Animal Kingdom

The third light of Advent, it is the light of beasts. The light of hope that shines in the greatest and the least.

On Sunday night, we lit the rose candle for Gaudete Sunday, which is the mid point in Advent and we focus joyfully on the coming of Christmas. To the tables and wreath were brought handmade animals. The felted ones, I made last year for the girls when they were five and though they played heavily with them and the animals would often be brought to me to fix, they have held up fairly well! We also have wooden animals made by Anne Moze, and our lovely Snooks the Snail made by Rick Tan over at Syrendell.

Our Star Ladder table features these animals:

Our Advent wreath on our kitchen table features this darling deer family (oh the joy of twins which often brings two of everything - so we have two sets of these deer brought by the Tooth Fairy).

And for our Advent reading, we enjoyed "The Donkey's Dream" by one of my very favorite authors, Barbara Helen Berger, author of "Grandfather Twilight", among other gems.

This week, we are focusing on making our handmade gifts so I hope to post each day with our progress. Happy 3rd week of Advent!


  1. I love this wooden tray/plate. where did you get it from? What a wonderful setting.

  2. Jademondin, I purchased it locally. If you want, I'm happy to head back over there and see if they have any more that have four divided sections. LMK :D