Monday, December 28, 2009

Grade 1: Rest of Language Arts Block Pictures

I apologize there is such a jump between the time I posted the last set of our Language Arts block and now. In between, we had a long trip, the swine flu, and lots of fun festivals that overtook these posts.

Anyway, I wanted to share the last of our Capital Letters LA Block pictures from a few months ago. We did incorporate 6th Sense Language by using the various senses, but I neglected to take pictures of everything. But here is what I have:

N - "The Nail" by Brothers Grimm

I should note that Charley wanted to draw three Newfoundland Pups in the shape of an "N" instead of a nail, so that's what those are :D

Our next letter was "P" and in Preparation, we arranged the Pine Cone and Pepper Pot dolls we made on our seasonal table...And Elena tried to draw a Poodle in the shape of a "P".

P - "The Pink" by the Brother's Grimm

For Q, I drew both a Queen and a Quail. The quail was Charley's idea and I imitated her and added the quail to the bottom of my drawing. The girls just wanted to draw quails and not queens...

Q - "The Queen Bee" by the Brothers Grimm

X - "The Fox and the Horse" by the Brothers Grimm

Y - "The Young Giant" by the Brothers Grimm

Z - "How the Zebra Got His Stripes" Tales from the African Bushman

We are moving on to a Maths block next week and then will come back to Language Arts to learn our vowels, but I hope that this helped see some examples of our Waldorf work in this block. There are many other stories that can be used instead of the ones I listed. That is what I so love about homeschooling ~ that it can be tailored to each individual child!


  1. I love these! Looks like the girls are enjoying learning their letters. Just blogged about transparencies and linked to you. :)

  2. You're such a doll, Jennifer! Thank you (((hugs)))

  3. WONDERFUL, Jen!
    I especially liked the drawings of the foxes : )