Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Week 3 Gifts: Yeti Ornaments

Yesterday we started making some homemade goodies to give as gifts this year. The first project was our Yeti ornaments. Yeti means, "magical creature" and is believed by many to be a descendant of the apes who *dwells* in the Himalayas (aka the Abominable Snowman). Though he is known in Tibet to be quite a fearful creature, our Yeti are friendly and good-natured!

For this project, we used felt, wool batting and various colored thread.

Cut out the desired shapes for the head (back/front) and arms and legs. Stitch on the face (if desired), sew front/back together with limbs attached, stuff and finish off as desired! You can use wool and a felting needle to attach the wool to the face of the yeti. It's a great little project for children and looks mighty cute on the tree!

We have a faceless Yeti and one with a face. The girls then made their own and wanted to add hearts and hats.

Happy Yeti making!

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  1. Too cute! We were talking about yeti just the other day. I love the ornament idea!