Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, St. Nick!

Excerpt from Wynstone's Winter book:

"Upon his snow white steed
With wind and lightning speed
St. Nicholas leaves the sky
And comes a riding by...

And we will learn a tune,
Of sun and star and moon,
And sing our happy lay,
Sing on St. Nicholas' day."

~ from Germany

Today, we celebrate a generous soul who gave of himself in order to light the flame inside of others. I have so enjoyed learning about this wonderful man.

In his honor, I had to share this page from Tasha Tudor's book, "A Time to Keep".

This morning, the girls awoke to their boots holding special treasures from St. Nicholas...porcelain kitty boxes to hold some handmade jewelry, needle felted characters, knitting needles with hand painted tops, and each twin received a special mineral - Elena received sulphur and Charley received sodalite which we will place upon the seasonal table before this eve when the plant kingdom makes its way into the Advent scenes!

There is a lovely tale in Wynstone's "Winter" book entitled, "St. Nicholas and the Star Children" which I will be telling tonight which is about St. Nicholas accompanying Mary and the Christ Child from the Heavens to the earth and they are joined by many little stars. St. Nicholas rides ahead, preparing the children of earth for the arrival of the Child of Light. When they arrive, as the stars leap out of Mary's arms, they become human children and play happily together with the Christ Child.

It is a sweet tale to prepare our little ones for the special day which will be here soon! Happy St. Nick's Day to all and a big thank you to Christine Natale for those incredible St. Nicholas stories! I can't wait to read more of your wonderful, wonderful stories!

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