Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Needle Felted Characters

In December, I was inspired to make Grandfather Winter with his lantern to light his way through the dark winter nights, Grandmother Winter with her snow cloak and basket of holly berries, and a snowball elf whom Grandmother Winter lovingly cares for.

These are some shots of them on one of the seasonal tables by the tree this past December. I hope to open an etsy shop in the next month or two for fun! Of course, it's always preferred if crafts are handmade by Momma and the children - but I am finding myself with so many felted guys that I don't have room to store them all & it seems befitting to share them with others.

In the Wood by Eileen Mathias

Cold winter's in the wood
I saw him pass --
Crinkling up fallen leaves
Along the grass --

Bleak winter's in the wood,
The birds have flown
Leaving the naked trees
Shivering alone.

King Winter's in the wood,
I saw him go --
Crowned with a coronet
Of crystal snow.


  1. Hi Jen
    You really are a fnatastic needlefelter. These figures are so beautifully made! I also thought I had commented on your Maths posts. Wow! Fantastic, imaginative work going on at your home!! Enjoy your form drawing week. We had a form drawing week last week and this week we've started a Language block focussing on small letters and letter sounds. Always love to visit you here!! Have a lovely week.

  2. Found your wonderful blog via my friend Kelly of Freeflowing ways.
    Am so enjoying it.

  3. Thanks Kelly & Nocton4! So happy to have you guys! Hugs!

  4. hi, just wanted to say what gorgeous figures they are - they are just beautiful, and I am sure you'd be very in demand if you were to sell these or similar. Fairly new to your blog, but am really enjoying it - thank you so much for such lovely postings.

  5. All of your felted crafts Ive seen are so beautiful! Im sure that you will do really well opening up an Esty shop!!! I wish you the best in your efforts!

  6. How beautiful. I am sure they would sell well. Thank you for sharing. Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. I can't wait for your Etsy shop to open! Beautiful, felted winter folk. :)

  8. Thank you so much, Julie, Jane, Tonya & Jennifer! I so appreciate your kinds words!

  9. Beautiful, Beautiful- Magical!! I am so impressed-I have been wanting to make these for years and these far out match anything in my dreams-I agree I can't wait for your store to open-let me know!!

  10. Hi What lovely creations, cheers from sunny New Zealand Marie