Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Seasonal Table for January

Where we are in Southern California, it only snows in the mountains, so we say we have two seasons here, the "rainy" season and "summer". That can have some challenges when trying to instill rhythm around the four seasons, and that is why the nature and seasonal tables are so important.

I am a "stations" person - my mil thought it was hilarious when she used to come to our house when the girls were toddlers and I had various set ups around the house for the girls to wander to and freely explore, but I really think that is one of the best things you can do for your children, young and old alike. Allowing them to touch and marvel at what is set out for them, be it pots & pans, dress up attire, toys, picture books standing in wait, stuffed animals (knitted, wooden, etc). These can be easily rotated and give Mom some down time while the children engage in quiet play.

Now we have three tables set up for nature design. We like to change them often and the girls have fun designing them. The seasonal table pictured here they helped set up with some wooden figures they received as Christmas gifts. They added some beautiful dried remnants of wild sunflowers that grow in the Angels National Forest, just steps away from our house, along with the rocks from a collection we keep near the fireplace.

Little light snowflakes
Whirl around.
Little light snowflakes
fall to the ground.
Fall on the tree
And fall on me;
Make the earth white,
Make the earth bright.
~ I. Tupaj

What's on your seasonal table? I'll be sharing our tables this week while we focus on a week of form drawing.


  1. gorgeous. We (I) am in the process of making a felted bear for our seasonal display. It is my first try at it, but isn't going to bad. I will post it soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Ooooh - I can't wait to see your bear! Please do post it - are you sewing it out of felt or are you needle felting it? A bear is a great animal to put on a winter table! Excited to see it :D

  3. what a lovely little szene. Ours has King Winter residing, as we have snow.

  4. Just left you a comment on your blog so you'd see this, but I absolutely LOVE your table! The pale blue silk with King Winter and the felted icicles on the twisted branch are a lovely touch! Great job!

  5. Including the natural flora and fauna is truly what a nature table is about! I can relate with what you say about seeing the snow in the mountains, but living where it rains in the winter.

  6. Jennifer, I knew you would! And you are so right to point out the importance of flora and fauna. I love seeing its beauty in a new way through the eyes of a child with the children! They see such beauty in so much we adults no longer see...