Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Has Come...New Life Abounds!

All the birds have come again,
All the birds together.
Hark the warbling, whistling, singing,
Every bird has music bringing,
All the world with song is ringing.
Welcome to the springtime.

~Wynstone's "Spring"

This poor baby house finch fell from the nest this morning. I couldn't believe *she* (not sure of the gender) was still alive after quite a fall to a rough outdoor mat on concrete. She was still breathing so I put on some soft gloves and placed her gently back in her nest. I hope it was an accident on Momma bird's behalf as this little one looked very healthy and in tact. Keep this little one in your thoughts that she may one day leave the nest through flight of her own wings.

UPDATE: Sad news to report. An hour and a half later, the baby bird was on the ground again and this time, not breathing. So perhaps the momma knew something wasn't just right and she wouldn't flourish. We gave the baby a gentle send off with lots of love...


  1. Yes it is so true that Mother Nature knows best. cheers Marie

  2. Sadly, Marie, a few hours later, another brand new baby was pushed from the nest and was dead on our patio. It was still soft so I know it happened moments earlier. It makes me so sad and I often wonder if it's all the environmental toxins that are either deforming the birds or perhaps there are too many babies hatched in the nest? I can't see how many there are, but I wish it didn't end so tragically for those two tiny cuties :( DH had loosely boarded up those areas with chicken wire so that we wouldn't lose so many during the fall and faulty nests, but two found a way in and made nests, so we removed the barriers so they wouldn't get injured getting in or out. Sigh...just have to build some bird houses, I guess...

  3. Oh! What a sad story... but a beautiful and unique experience for your daugthers! Life is full of lessons...

  4. Oh my gosh, Jen. What little miracles baby birds are! I'm so sorry it/they had a such a sad ending. I hope the other nestlings fare better.

  5. I'm sorry, that's a sad way to start the day. How nice that you tried to put it back in its nest.

    I know my munchkins have been so touched by nature's deaths that they have held funerals for spiders, earth worms (forgotten in the sun in a shoebox) and baby birds. We have quite the cemetery dedicated to animals in our back yard.

    Better luck to the remaining feathered siblings.

  6. Oh Jen! A sad ending, but life is life. I guess. How are the girls? Sometimes, mine seem more o.k. with things like this than I am!
    It is hard to know what plan life has when we can't see the whole picture. I hope you have a few successful babies that flutter off from the nest. :)

  7. Hi Jen!
    This is so sad. Two summers ago a house martin's nest was damaged by heavy wind and rain on the side of our house and we found four tiny little baby birds in one of our flower pots. We tried to do all we could for them but they all died too within a few hours. It is a very sad experience but new babes were raised in that same next and have been in consecutive summers so all turns out good. Lovely picture of you with your girls!
    Thanks for the wonderful messages you have left with the arrival of our new little treasure!
    Have a lovely weekend, sweet mama!