Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken Hatch Field Trip - Part II


Peck, peck, peck
On the warm, brown egg.
Out comes a neck
Out comes a leg.

How does a chick,
Who's not been about,
Discover the trick
Of how to get out?

-Aileen Fisher

After our baby birds passed away, we went back to my friend's to watch some chicks hatch. Here are some random shots of our day...

Pregnant Momma Goat...


  1. Chicks and goats, what can be better in spring? I love the images of the chick breaking out of the egg, so cool! Happy Mother's day.

  2. Hello Jen,

    I found your blog through Sara from Switzerland. I'm also a Waldorf inspired homeschooler. We have picked the same template for our blogs and have some of the same links. I love your artistic work. Very pretty.

  3. Oh my, I think I gotta have that kitten, did you see that sweet face? The chicks are so darn cute too. I am glad you and your girls found some beauty in the world again after such a sad experience, what a good idea.


  4. these are wonderful- you children are so cute- and my kids loved looking at the baby chicks hatching!