Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Waldorf Eye

A lovely focus of Waldorf schooling:
Beheld in the eye of nature...

Yesterday, we wrapped up the girls last art class with one of the local homeschooling groups to which we belong. The girls have been taking from Jerry since they were 4, initially since it was the only class they were *old enough* to take through the group, but then it became a nice way to socialize with other little friends, a wonderful and compassionate instructor, and another way to incorporate art into our curriculum.

After class, we headed outside, as per usual, to play in the local park next to the building...

Elena had some much needed introspective swinging, while Charley went to work with her imagination, creating a beautiful fairy forest with fallen branches from the large oak above the park. As I sat and watched her, I realized how wonderfully nurturing and nature centered our Waldorf schooling has been. All those baskets of nuts, twigs, rocks, shells, silks, wool, sand, and other natural goodies have kept the girls focused on the beauty of simple things and how to create *something* out of *nothing*. I'm very happy with our Waldorf journey...

Dig! Dig! Dig! Rake just so.
Plant the seeds, watch them grow.
Chop! Chop! Chop! Pull out weeds.
Warm rain and sun, my garden needs.
Up! Up! Up! Green stems climb.
Open wide, it's blossom time!
~ Wynstone's "Spring"

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  1. I think swinging is so important,for the child that needs it and goes to it naturally. my son who is now 30 did a lot of swinging and thinking, the rhythmic movement, is very good for brain development. cheers Marie