Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beginning Chemistry with Balloon Fun!

I love this book! It is the sequel to the less user friendly version of Mudpies to Magnets. Simple science experiments you can do at home with children from age 2 and up - from beginning chemistry, physics, earth explorations (entitled: Digging in the Dirt), weather, aerial science and botany abound here. Very hands on and very fun for the kids. Available at amazon here.

Yesterday, we decided we'd learn about the "Automatic Balloon Blower Upper"...gathered our materials...a measuring spoon and set to work. We measured out 1 tbsp of baking soda and using a funnel, placed it in a balloon. Then we put about 1" of vinegar into a plastic water bottle, attached the balloon to the top of the bottle and tipped the balloon so that the baking soda would fall into the bottle and a chemical reaction would occur...

Here are our balloons - all filled...we did a couple that happened so fast, I didn't get any shots...then we got crazy and decided to add food coloring to the vinegar for pretty colors ; P

The girls learned that as the bubbles popped, they released carbon dioxide which filled the balloons. They turned into little scientists and began to experiment. We learned that you can't really reuse the vinegar, by adding more baking soda. It barely reacted, only filling the balloon a tiny bit. We tried mixing colors, refrigerating the results and then the colors were so pretty that we then dipped strips of paper into them to admire.

This is a really fun activity for all ages and one that we will be sure to repeat again :) I can guarantee your kids will LOVE this one!

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