Monday, July 27, 2009

Finger Knitting

I am posting a ton of blogs today. Tomorrow, my mil comes (yeah) and then we are off to a mining field trip on Wed and Thurs, we leave for the CHN (California Homeschool Network) Family Expo until Sunday! It's amazing and I will be sure to post all about it upon return!

But here is the last of the blogs this week:

Today, we resumed our finger knitting after at least 6 months off. This time, the girls caught on much easier and while Elena could do it before, she needed constant supervision and help. This time, she was able to remember to go in the right direction and worked independently for nearly 45 minutes until her necklace for Grandma Kacky was ready!

Charley, who is a lefty, had to sit in my lap while I worked with her on her finger knitting. She decided to make Grandma Kacky a bracelet. Elena was cruising and making very tight loops, to Charley's very loose loops.

Elena is my tactile learner. She has always loved to work with her hands and has amazing patience and focus when working in this way. You can see the satisfaction she gets and the peaceful meditation that comes over her when she works with her hands.

I have to work more with Charley, who isn't as interested in the process, though she will do it if I am able to sit with her and help her when she gets stuck.

What fun!

If you're not sure how to finger knit, I highly recommend viewing Kristie Burns' wonderful sheep jumping over the gate story. Here is a link to Kristie's finger knitting video on youtube. It's marvelous!

For those who don't know, Kristie runs the "Earthschooling" Waldorf Yahoo Group and is an amazing source of inspiration and knowledge!
Have fun finger knitting!


  1. Neat! This is always a fun project to do. I like to bring yarn with me when we are out places, waiting for someone's lesson. A great way to keep hands busy and in the end, we have a beautiful bookmarker!

  2. Hi Jen! Great pictures of you sweet girl. I am a lefty too and am wondering how that will go when I teach needle knitting. Guess we'll see! Let's keep in touch as the year goes on. Will be fun to compare notes.


  3. Sounds great Donna! I am linked to your blog now, so we'll be checking out all your great ideas for grade 1 :)

    And Jennifer - great idea to bring the yarn. I just learned the basics of knitting at the CHN Expo and it is addicting! My fingers just wanted to keep working those loops :) Hmmmm...bookmarks...I know what everyone will be receiving this holiday season - LOL! Thanks for the tip!