Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Gift from Clarissa the Fairy for a First Tooth

The Tale of The Tooth Fairy

In the misty darkness of early dawn,The Tooth Fairy descends undetected.

In practiced, careful silence she lightly lifts the pillow of a sleeping child.With deft and dainty fairy hands she replaces the useless tooth with tantalizing treats.

The sleeping child briefly stirs as the benevolent Tooth Fairy whisks away, tooth in hand on her appointed rounds.

At day break cries of glee and disbelief can be heard throughout the house as tiny, sleepy hands discover the Tooth Fairy's handiwork.

Finally - the Tooth Fairy has visited our house...

Back in November, C started getting a tooth in, but it was coming in behind her baby tooth and this was how we were introduced to the concept of "shark teeth" in children - which I guess is a lot more common that I realized (even our neighbor girl has one coming in this way)...

We went to the dentist and she told us to work on it and return if it didn't fall out...patience...patience...patience...

After 8 months since it first broke through and a mild amount of wiggling throughout that time, one of the two shark teeth FINALLY decided to vacate its post in C's had been so wiggly at the end, that the tooth would literally flop down when C would pull down her bottom lip!

On Sunday, Daddy decided to take the girls to "The Gentle Barn" (post about that later), but it's a lovely rescue organization of farm animals that uses them as therapy for wayward children and those recovering from abusive situations (including substance abuse). Here is the before shot in front of our rat cage...

And The Gentle Barn, when they were feeding the animals, C took a drink from her Sigg and out came the tooth. So proud!

Well, back in Nov, just before Thanksgiving, I contacted Kathryn Sheehan from "The Silver Penny" about tooth fairy doll kits that I was in desperate need of (assuming ignorantly that the tooth was just about to fall out)...Kathryn had guests, but went out of her way to package up two doll kits for me and rush them out so I could get working on them right away. She was wonderful!

I started working on C's doll and then got distracted with the holidays and 8 months later, the tooth fell out and I had to get cracking on finishing the fairy doll. Here is an early shot of her...mind you, I don't own a sewing machine and have only made two other dolls so far, so I'm a bit embarrassed by my stitching...ugh...

But I was very pleased with the outcome! I changed it up a bit and added some of my own silk flower touches and voila! Clarissa is finished!

C just LOVED her to pieces...

And last night, we set the tooth in its special ballerina fairy box (C didn't want to leave the tooth in Clarissa's basket) and C wrote a note asking the tooth fairy not to take her tooth (this is the child who can not let go of anything...) so she made her a picture to take back instead...

And in the middle of the night, the tooth fairy set to work...

This morning, the girls forgot about the whole thing and I had to remind them. I snuck into the room to capture this action shot of the excitement!

They found the fairy dust and sprinkled it on their heads and then ran around the house, jumping to see if they could indeed fly :) C also got a magical stone that we will dissolve in water which will reveal a special gift from the tooth fairy. No money for these teeth - just fairy magic and gifts of nature will they receive. And C promised she'd be meeting her special tooth fairy in her dreams tonight after sprinkling the remaining fairy dust on herself just before bedtime...

Happy Fairy days to all!

And sweet Fairy dreams tonight :)


  1. This is so beautiful Jennifer, lovely traditions that mean so much... My Caiden has a loose tooth at the moment and I can't wait for it to come out so I can plan something special for him that he will treasure. Your fairy doll is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Jen,



  2. Oh my goodness, your tooth fairy puts others to shame! I LOVE the fairy, she is beautiful and I love how she looks just like C!

    Lisa ;)

  3. Wow...quite a tooth fairy experience for the girls! How wonderful. I think that your doll is beautiful and I'm so impressed that you took the time to make it. Everything that you did makes losing teeth magical and special.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments! It was fun making the doll, though it did take forever. I just think I'm such a newbie that I keep having to study the directions in between each step. I still don't think I didn't it entirely *right*, but the outcome was good, so I'm content :)

    Linda - can't wait to see what is planned for Caiden's loose tooth. You're so creative, I can only imagine it will be incredibly special :) Hope you post about it and good luck to Caiden!