Thursday, July 23, 2009

More sandplay

Well, I haven't been blogging much lately and it's mainly because I've been buried in books and websites, trying to absorb everything I possibly can before we "officially" embark on our homeschooling journey. This year is the first year we will have to file with the state, and although the girls have never set foot in a school and we've been homeschooling for what feels like forever, there is a huge change upon us and that is...FIRST GRADE!

I'm really excited and they are, too. I spent all morning on the phone and then an online chat with a handful of other Waldorfy mommas, discussing how to structure form drawing lessons, how to teach foreign language, how to teach math...thank goodness for Kristie Burns, who gently took our hands and guided us along the way.

As the last few weeks/days/hours of our kindy year come to a close, I will be posting some general pictures and adventures, many of which have nothing to do with formal schooling, but lots to do with character and soul development - at least in my eyes ...

This week, we played with our sandscapes again and will be bringing them out again for form drawing. Will post pictures of that once we really start...

OK so I'm breaking a former rule and am now listing my children's names. I feel better about blogging and am becoming friends with many mommas out there so...

Charley (on the left upper picture) made a circle with her "Touch Game" animals. I love how children are naturally drawn to circles. Would love to hear if there is a Steiner lecture out there that addresses circles and spirals with children.

And Elena and Charley pose with our remaining pup, Farley. His brother passed away about 4.5 years ago of lymphoma. They were littermates and our first set of twins :)

And I had to include this shot below of my sink after spending all morning online. Nothing seems to get done unless I'm working hard at doing it. But it made me happy to see that I am engaged in life and learning with and for the girls and myself and it's "OK" to let things slide sometimes to get done what we need to. I'll spare you shots of the rest of the house, though - LOL!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I am so loving reading your posts! All the baking looks so good, it almost get me wanting to get back in the kitchen. Perhaps this fall : ) Im sorry about your great uncle that was truly a lovely post and I believe you will be able to see him again along with your dear grandfather!
    I will be start first grade also with my son Loch. I have a feeling its going to be an adventure : ) Ill be watching your blog for ideas! I have so enjoyed reading all your post you do some amazing things with your girls! Thanks so much for sharing! I should take a picture of my kitchen sink ugh yours looks lovely in comparison ; )

  2. The sand play looks (and sounds!) like so much fun. You always come up with such incredible ideas! I just read the transcript of the chat with Kristie Burns, you and everyone else. I can't wait to be a part of a future chat.

  3. So many lovely posts to enjoy. So sorry to read about your great uncle's passing and thank you for sharing such rich family history and memories. Happy planning for 1st grade too!

  4. Thanks Jane, Jennifer & Kelly. We are having so much fun and Jane, I will be watching your post, as well! Didn't know Loch will be in grade 1, too :) So fun to take this journey with friends!

    You are all such lovely ladies!