Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Day Rhythm: The Butterflies That Went Calling...Day 3

Day 3 of The Butterfly That Went Calling involved the girls dressing up as butterflies and acting out the story. I have included some shots from our fun play and also a video of the show :) Tony had to downgrade the quality quite a bit as our first video was over 500 megabites - yikes! So the quality isn't that clear, but you can still catch the cuteness of the play and the fun the girls had. I loved watching them twirl as they ran from flower to flower.

Also, I had to talk them through the play a lot more than I will have to in the future. They tend to be more shy, like a lot of kids, and clammed up a bit on camera...but you can still get the general idea of the storytelling section...I also fumbled a bit, but hope to hone my own memory skills as we continue to learn through excuse the lack of fluidity of the narrator :)

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