Monday, July 27, 2009

The Three Day Rhythm: The Butterfly That Went Calling - Days 1 and 2

The Three Day Rhythm is often talked about in Waldorf Education. It centers around the principal of telling a story to the children on the first day, then telling it with them on the second day and then having them tell it to you on the third day. And in between, artistry flows through expression of the images from the story. There is so much possibility with drawing, painting, modeling, felting, playing, etc.

Many Waldorf children (probably like Charlotte Mason) develop fantastic memories and attention to details through the years of reciting within the Three Day Rhythm.

We are having such fun with the Clara Dillingham Pierson books, as part of our science studies. We are working our way slowly through "Among the Meadow People".

One of the stories we covered was "The Butterfly that Went Calling". So on Day 1, I read the story and told it to the girls. We discussed the messages of the story and the characters. I have to admit that we tried to secure caterpillars to raise and turn loose as butterflies, but the company folded so I need to locate another farm. We don't see a ton of caterpillars where we are, so I can't just bring them in from outside. I did find a wonderful you tube video that showed a monarch hatching and we watched that together.

On Day 2, the girls and I retold the story together, with my lead. After we were done, they chose colors and we needle-felted butterflies and tied them to dowel rods so they could act out the story inside our house. The girls had shot some video footage, so we'll see if Tony & I can put it together. Until then, here are some shots of day 2.

Our butterflies...and play...


  1. These are beautiful!! are you free handing the butterflies or using a cookie cutter?
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks, Cindy :) I free handed it - hadn't thought of using a cookie cutter - good idea :) I let the girls design the butterflies and punch some of it, but often times, they are playing so I finish or secure their felting for them!